Welcome to Student 健康

On your initial visit to bc365游戏 Student 健康 Services, you will be required to fill out a 健康 History Form.

  • 紧急急救.
  • 健康 education, counseling, and evaluations. 
  • 健康检查 
  • Specific care prescribed by physicians (injections, dressing changes, wound care, 等.)
  • Assistance with proper use 的 health care system through appropriate referrals.
  • 哺乳室

bc365游戏 has partnered with Mainline 健康 Systems, Inc. to offer comprehensive medical and behavioral health services right here on campus. It is convenient, confidential, 和负担得起的.

Walk-in appointments are welcome, or you can request an appointment online at the bc365游戏医疗 & Behavioral 健康 Clinics - Mainline 健康 Systems, Inc.

Visit the Mainline 健康 bc365游戏医疗 Clinic for...

  • 一般医疗服务
  • Management of chronic medical illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, 等.
  • Acute care for illness and injury
  • 预防保健
  • 物理考试
  • Minor office surgical procedures
  • 伤口护理
  • 整形服务
  • 性病筛查 & 避孕方法的选择
  • Integrated behavioral health
  • 妇女保健
  • 过敏 & 免疫接种
  • 结核菌皮肤试验
  • 远程医疗


The Mainline 健康 team can diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions for most illnesses. They also conduct health screenings, COVID tests, and run labs.

The Mainline 健康 Systems, Inc. clinic is open to all University of Arkansas at 蒙蒂塞洛 students, faculty, and staff.

There are no financial eligibility requirements.

学生, faculty, and staff are also eligible regardless 的ir health care coverage status and their ability to pay.

Insurance will be billed as appropriate and in accordance with each insurance carrier’s 合同的指导方针.

Mainline 健康 Systems, Inc. will offer sliding fee payment programs for those that 有资格.

学生’ health needs will be assessed, and students may be referred to their primary care provider for continuity of care.


Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. 到下午3:30.m.

地点:Maxwell Hall


bc365游戏 Student 健康 Service does not provide medical excuses for short-term absences which result in missed classes, exams, assignments, work or practices due to illness 或受伤. In certain circumstances where the illness 或受伤 is prolonged, requires hospitalization or the student is instructed not to attend classes, work or practices due to the severity or communicability 的 illness, SHS will work with students in providing appropriate documentation.  

学生 are advised to contact the appropriate professor, instructor, coach or supervisor in the event they need to miss classes, exams, assignments, work or practices due to an illness, injury or an emergency. While absence should be a rare occurrence, Student 健康 Service encourages students to make mature decisions when they are too ill to attend class or activities. All decisions concerning the impact of an absence, as well as any arrangements for making up work, rest with the professors, instructors, 教练或主管.

Meningococcal Meningitis is a rare but potentially dangerous illness.  虽然 risk of contracting this disease is low for the general population, there is a greater potential risk of outbreaks for college-aged students due to a prevalence of risk factors that are often part of campus life.  These risk factors include residence hall living, active and passive smoking, bar patronage, and alcohol consumption.  As a preventative measure, Student 健康 Services recommends students check with their health care providers for further information about available vaccines or contact 我们的电话是(870)460-1051.

*-as required by Arkansas Legislative Act 1233

Arkansas Law indicates that any student who was *foreign born* is subject to the requirements 的 Arkansas Department of 健康 Tuberculosis Screening Program for Foreign Born University 和大学生. 

In order to comply with these regulations, the student must begin by completing and 打印 Tuberculin Skin 测试 Database Questionnaire.  Your submitted form will be reviewed then, if necessary, further instructions will 提供给你. 



Ms. 特里理查森, RN
Student 健康 Services Nurse

P.O. 3459箱 

兰迪年代. 瑞舍健康中心


Available Hours:  Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during Fall and Spring sessions.

After Hour Emergencies:
大学警察 (870-460-1000)
Drew Memorial Hospital (870-367-2411)